1.    Name  

Juan Martin Gonzalez


2.    Nationality  



3.    Date of birth 

15 / 06 / 1978


4.    Education/Occupation  



5.    Palmares/ Top Race Results 

1º ski race European interclubs Tenerife 2007

1º ski race in 2005, 2007,2008,2009 ,2010  Spain Championship,

1º oceanman 2005 spain championship,

3º Board race and oceanman  2007 spain championship



6.    Personal Motto


7.    Favorite competition 

Several championships: Long distance of Capbreton, Nivea Cup, Spain championship, open to Hossegor ...


8.    Favorite discipline  



9.    Goals for 2012:

I hope to top 3 in ski race,  top 5 in board race and oceanman in Spain championship.


10. Most impressive lifesaving experience?

Compete and train in Australia with the best people.


11. Otherthan lifesaving, what else is important for you/do you like doing?

I like surfing, watching movies, music, sleeping, traveling…


12. How do you relate to your Wetiz gear, what does it make stand out for you?

Wetiz, has helped me to train in Australia, and have new skis and boards, and know more lifesavers and other countries.