1.    Name                       

Christoph Ertel


2.    Nationality               



3.    Date of birth            



4.    Education/Occupation      

Student – Bioengineering/Biotechnology (M.Sc.)


5.    Palmares/ Top Race Results       

5x World Champion 2010
8 (Nationals & Interclubs) / 2x European Champion 2011 (Nationals)


6.    Personal Motto       

Second Place, First Looser J


7.    Favorite competition          

Hawaiian Sports Festival (Rerik, Baltic Sea)


8.    Favorite discipline             

200m Superlifesaver, 100 Lifesaver and
Oceanman and of course all the relays


9.    Goals for 2012                    

A medal at this years World Championships in Alicante, AUS


10. Most impressive lifesaving experience?           

Winning the Overall Team Gold Medal at European Championships 2011


11. Other than lifesaving, what else is important for
you/do you like doing?

next to swimming, relaxing and traveling


12. How do you relate to your Wetiz gear, what does it
make stand out for you?

I’m using Wetiz’ Surf Crafts since the beginning of my career and was always
satisfied with your support and craft development

In addition I am very happy with the board and ski performance, stability and fastness