1.    Name

David Loosen


2.    Nationality



3.    Date of birth


4.    Education/Occupation

Sport Scientist

5.    Palmares/ Top Race Results

European Surfski Champion (national team); 3rd Place Oceanman 2011
European Championships (Interclub);

12th place oceanman (interclub) Lifesaving World Championships 2008


6.    Personal Motto

Mind leads, body follows


7.    Favorite competition

Lifesaving World Championships

8.    Favorite discipline

Surfski; Oceanman (should still be called “Ironman”


9.    Goals for 2012

100% recovery from injury is primary goal; race some more long distance surfski races; Lifesaving World Championships, training for Molokai 2013


10. Most impressive lifesaving experience?

-      Winning 2011 European Lifesaving surfski Championship

-      Racing the Oceanman final at the 2008 Lifesaving World Championships in Germany in
front of our home crowd and finishing just behind Phil Clayton. I´m a big fan of
him and especially his attitude at racing in Lifesaving events.


11. Other than lifesaving, what else is important for
you/do you like doing?


-     Family and friends are most important!

-     I´m a big fan of going to the movies


12. How do you relate to your Wetiz gear, what does it
make stand out for you?

-     You can always count on the support of Wetiz!