1.    Name


2.    Nationality


3.    Date of birth



4.    Education/Occupation

Swimming coach diploma


5.    Palmares/ Top Race Results

1st oceanman and taplin  European championship 2011

2nd SLS and rescue tube relay European championship 2011

2nd recue tube relay World championship 2010

4th 200 obstacles and taplin relay World championship 2010

4th 200 obstacles world games 2009

Many French titles (around 20)

French record older 200 obstacles, 200 SLS, 100 mannekin carry with fins, 100 medley



6. Personal Motto

Always give the best of you,
no fear, no limit


7. Favorite competition

World Games

8.    Favorite discipline

200 obstacles, 200 SLS, Oceanman

9.    Goals for 2012

Become world champion on one of
theses disciplines


10. Most impressive lifesaving experience?

My victory on the oceanman


11. Other than lifesaving, what else is important for
you/do you like doing?

Take pleasure in all what I do

Be curious of all I really like rugby, if I was not a lifesaver I would like to do this


12. How do you relate to your Wetiz gear, what does it make stand out for you?

I try all the Wetiz board I won the oceanman with the Merak I like it because you have a good volume and very stable because it is dug well. Now I have got a dietz board and the brand new Fenn ski but I don’t have time to use it, I just swimming actually I restart it half april so I can tell you more. I try them just one time in the waves, the board is stable, very handy and turns well. The ski is very fast when is flat but more difficult into the waves.