1.    Name

Ruud van Bommel

2.    Nationality


3.    Date of birth


4.    Education/Occupation

Student Structural Engineering


5.    Palmares/ Top Race Results

-2006 World Champion linethrow and former world record holder. 2008 2nd 2010 3rd.

-EC Tenerife 2007 1st place 4x90m beach relay

-Warendorf 2008, 1st place 100m manikin carry with fins, 4rd overall.

-EC Alicante 2011, A-finals in 100m manikin carry, 100m manikin tow, 200m superlifesaver.  B-finals in Oceanman and Skirace.

-Dutch Champion Ocean Events 2011


6.    Personal Motto

Don’t sweat the technique, pain is weakness leaving
the body


7.    Favorite competition

All of them

8.    Favorite discipline

100m manikin carry with fins, Skirace, Oceanman

9.    Goals for 2012

Train hard and enjoy it

World Championships; Medals in the 100m manikin carry,
100m manikin tow (swim national records in both) and 4x50m medley relay. Regain
the title in the linethrow.

Make the finals in Surf Ski Race and Oceanman.


10.  Most impressive lifesaving experience?

Being part of a great community of friends

11.  Other than lifesaving, what else is important for you/do you like doing?

Friends and Family, Cooking, Traveling, Mountainbiking,


12.  How do you relate to your Wetiz gear, what does it make stand out for you?

Reliable and fast equipment, good service, personally
involved and fast delivery