1.    Name
Rik Op het Veld


2.    Nationality

3.    Date of birth
January 23, 1986

4.    Education/Occupation
Organisation Studies (MSc).

Occupation, until 2012 athlete from 2013 Entrepreneur for Sappie Surf.


 Coolangatta Gold finisher in 4.35.30. The first Dutchman ever to do the race, the 5th European ever to do the full course.

World Championships: 

2006, 1st in Line throw

2010, 3rd on 4x 50 rescue medley relay.

European Championships: 

2011, 3rd on the Surf Ski race.

2012 World Interclub Lifesaving Championship, 3rd overall with my club, DLRG

DLRG Cup 2010, Overall winner, taking out the Board race and
Oceanman, while finishing second at the Surf Ski race.

Until now,
never been beaten by any Dutch competitor on the Ironman or Oceanman on the
Dutch Surf/Ocean championships (that is since 2003, the first year they were
conducted).  And multiple Dutch overall
Champion (7x Surf/Ocean, 2x Pool and 3x Junior Pool Champ).

Holder of 2
Dutch National records, 1 in the Open (a) category and 1 in Junior (B)

50 manikin carry, 31,76 for seniors and 34,1 for juniors.

previously heald the record for 100 Medley as well.

From 2003
to 2011, made every Ironman, Surf race and Board final at the Europeans.


6.    Personal Motto
Race hard, but make sure you have fun!

7.    Favorite competition
Baywatch, a Surf carnival hosted by my club. I love the relaxed atmosphere and
racing for my own club and people who support them and me.

8.    Favorite discipline
Oceanman (or Ironman as they call it in the Southern hemisphere)


9.  Most impressive lifesaving experience?

There are 3 things that I will always remember:

1, Finishing the 2012 Coolangatta Gold

2, Winning an individual medal at Europeans in 2011 (3rd on Wetiz
Splender Surf Ski)

3, Becoming a World Champion with Ruud van Bommel in 2006 in the Line Throw

10.  Other than lifesaving, what else is important for you/do you like doing?
Sports-wise, anything in the water and preferably even in waves.

Outside the sport, helping people perform or feel better.

Professionally/ Job wise, (Project-) Management.

11.  How do you relate to your Wetiz gear, what does it make stand out for you?

Highquality gear from a European manufacturer, I feel it is important to have good
and high quality gear and if I then also can support a European firm in an
Australian dominated world market, that does make it a little bit more special
for me.
I am not even mentioning the personal connection that I have to Thomas and the
support he does give to all his customers.