1. Name

Germana 01


2. Nationality



3. Date of birth

January 5, 1995


4. Education/Occupation

The last year of Classical High School.


5. Palmares/ Top Race ResultsGermana 02

My greatest successes are achieving Italian junior championship in the 2011/2012 board race, the second

place in "frangente" in 2011 and the first place in run-swim-run in 2012, two second places in the absolute chiamponship both in board race and in run-swim-run in 2012 at Cervia, just below Marcella Prandi. In 2011 I won two bronzes at ejc in Denmark: 100 rescue medley, 4 x 25 manikin relay, board race, board relay, rescue tube relay and two gold medals: femal classification and general classi

fication. I won the silver medal in "staffetta mista" at the ejc of club in Alicante. In the ejc in Sweden in 2012 I won the gold in

4 x 50 rescue medley in the pool and I made the fourth place in swim-run.


6. Personal Motto

It doesn't matter who you are, but what you are aiming at.

Germana 3


7. Favorite competition

I have always enjoyed confronting myself with others and trying to overcome my limits and my favourite competition, the one that will always remain in my heart was the ejc,  not only because of my great achievements, but also for the pride for my country that made me feel strong and allowed me to face the exstremely low temperatures in races.


8. Favorite discipline

I started with the pool races but now I love even more doing board races and using my resistance ability in run-swim-run, and I hope to face an ocean women.


9. Goals for 2012

In 2013 I expect to do well again in the Italian Nationals, to achieve great goals espetially in the sea races and to give a contribute to the 5th consecutive victory for Italy. I would like to start aiming at the National absolutes with some important championships and to do experience in Australia.


10. Most impressive lifesaving experience?

I don't really remember an experience that impressed me in particular, I try to grasp the best of every experience abroad.


11. Other than lifesaving, what else is important for you/do you like doing?

Other than lifesaving I also do plain swimming, and I also love hanging around with my friends and going out with them. I also love

drawing and sleeping :)


12. How do you relate to your Wetiz gear, what does it make stand out for you?

To represent Wetiz is a great honour for me. The products are excellent and I achieved my greatest success with my Wetiz board.