FENN Surfski Julz Adjustable

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Your requested article is on stock and can be ordered. Delivery dates are available on request. Please note: we don’t ship surfskis with a forwarder because we had many bad experiences with damaged craft in the past. We deliver surfskis only ourselfs a few times a year (after we organized a delivery tour) or we can deliver your ski to a event we are present. So we can be sure that you will receive a intact and well delivered surfski.

  Reserve: delivery dates are available on request  
Your requested article can be reserved. We will mark your order fort he next ski delivery. Exact delivery dates are available on request. We receive 3-4 ski deliveries every year. Fenn skis are very popular because of this you should expect long waiting lists. First come. First serve.  

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Please note: The new models are coming with a improved and new developed Vacuum Construction Technology.

The latest lifesaving spec ski by Keith Fenn simply is radical. And successful – Jasper Mocke has won the ski race of the 2012 South African Lifesaving champs riding a Julz ski and then in 2014 Matthew Bouman won on this ski the World Title in France! It is an absolute top seller!

The most characteristic design feature is the lack of a hammer head or large wave breaker on the nose. Therefore, when going out through the surf, the Julz glides smoothly through the breaking waves, but still has enough lift not to get into a dive when surfing back in. Another bold move is the integration of a single well cockpit, of course fully adjustable. For the first time in a spec ski, paddlers benefit from the more ergonomic and comfortable long distance racing cockpit layout.

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FENN Surfski Julz Adjustable

FENN Surfski Julz Adjustable

Radical successful.