Carbon Fenn 3 Wing Surfski

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Fenn 3 - all-round paddle - adjustable 
Adjustable length 202 - 212 cm 

Best all round paddle. Teardrop shape, fairly straight (standard 202-212cm long) Most popular amongst our local community & internationally.

The Carbon Fenn 3 Wing is great for long distance and for endurance athletes. It has a smal blade so its also used by beginners or lightweight persons.

Available as an adjustable paddle.


A: Blatt-length

B: width, 10vV        

C: width middle   

D: width, 10vH

Fenn 3:

A:49,5 / B:15 / C:15 / D:10

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Carbon Fenn 3 Wing Surfski

Carbon Fenn 3 Wing Surfski

Allround paddle