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Fenn Elite SL

Keith Fenn has put the Elite on a strict diet and out came the Elite SL – “Slim Line”.


Significantly sleeker bow and seat section than the Elite permits a more efficient paddle stroke closer to the hull. Some say, the SL nearly provides a K1 feeling. Compared to the Elite, the SL‘s cockpit is narrower and the seat gives a snug fit. Even smaller paddlers can now adjust the foot rest correctly, the redesigned foot well let‘s them have a powerful leg drive without a hump getting in their way. The SL accelerates like a rocket, so it‘s a joy to sprint onto the next wave, surf it and then power on.


NOW – which ski is the right choice for me – Mako Elite or SL?


Of course, there is no general rule that applies to all paddlers. In the end, personal preferences and a good feeling will make the decision during a test paddle. But we have gathered some experience during extensive training and racing with both Elite and SL:


Not surprisingly, many advanced female paddlers simply love the SL for its slim (cockpit) design and the wide adjustment range in the short end. In addition, light weight paddlers benefit more from the lower volume of the SL, which results in a deeper waterline and therefore doesn’t feel less stable than an Elite for them. Also when you‘re tall but don‘t have wide hips, you‘ll like the snug fit of the SL.


The Elite still is the race battleship for larger paddlers and has an edge over the SL in rough or confused waters, where the SL gives a bit more nervous and tippy feel, whereas the Elite remains somewhat unimpressed.


But again, that‘s based on personal experience and feeling. We keep test Elites and SLs at your disposal, so come and try out!



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FENN Elite SL - facile à utiliser

FENN Elite SL - facile à utiliser

Keith Fenn has put the Elite on a strict diet and out
came the Elite SL – “Slim Line”. The SL is the fastest Fenn Ski on flat water.