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More the 20 years we developed a product which gives recreational and top-athletes the best opportunity to simulate the motion stereotype of paddle sport. The complexity of the smooth and gentle motions increases the muscles strength and flexibility of the upper body. 

The KayakErgometer is an optimal and cost effective training machine. With the most advanced technology, we have equipped the KayakErgometer with a free application WebaSportHub (download and update in the GooglePlayStore with your own google address (use your mailaddress or phone number), instead of the performance monitor. Once connected with the Android devices, you can create an advanced trainings tool in real-time data. With every stroke you have the choice of 20 different data features to display. 

You can see 8 parameters simultaneously, which you can choose yourselve. Just tape a tile and you will get a list of all the possible data. Select what you want, set it, it will be added in the workout scheme and it will be displayed. So you can build your own screen. Swipe the points in the upper part of the screen and you can change the sides. 

Kayak Paddel Ergometer Wetiz

Kayak Paddel Ergometer Training Weba

Kayak Paddel Ergometer Training Weba

Kayak Paddel Ergometer Training Weba

Kayak Paddel Ergometer Training Weba

The workout setting is easily done by adding the different training goals you go for. When you started the workout this will shown in the middle of the screen in graph or in numerical mode.

Here the detailed parameters: Distance (km), Calories, Stroke rate, Power (W), Distance per Stroke (m), Time, Stroke Count, Stroke Rate max, Distance per Stroke max, HR, Speed (m/sec), Pace/200m, Pace/500m, Pace/1000m, HR max, Speed max, Pace/200m max, Pace/500m max., Pace/1000m max., Force (N), Force Left (N), Force Right (N), Force Balance, Force max., Force Left max,. Force Right max, Power Left, Power Right, Power Balance, Power max (W), Power Left max (W), Power Right max (W), Stroke. Length (m), Str. Length Left, Str. Length Right, Str. Length max, Str. Length Left max, Str. Length Right max, 

After the workout all data will be stored and any time available to recall. You can also store it in the online trainings plattforms STRAVA or TrainingsPeaks. If your trainer or your friends use also the WebaSportHub app, you can share this with them.

Requirements: KayakErgometer, Science modell Android 5 or bigger unit BLE (bluetooth 4 vers.) App is not working with apple products 


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The KayakErgometer - Training at home