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    Judit Vergés

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    La planche des team riders!

  • Wetiz Carbon Pro Team

    Judit Vergés

    Carbone Pro

    La planche des team riders!

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    Fennix Julz

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    2021 getting tough. 


    Boards for every level

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Latest News

Professional Lifesaving and Ocean Racing Equipment





Toute l'equipe de wetiz

Vous souhaite un heureux et joyveux Noel

ainsi que tous ses meilleurs voeux pour l annee 2016

Pour votre information sachez que nous serons ferme du

23.12.15.au 11.01.2016 inkl.




Team Wetiz

in Euopeanchampionchips 2015 in Wales

Thanks to all employees and teams.

A successful event



un" must have "

Clé USB dans la conception spéciale

le manikin de sauvetage
et l, Tube dans une minature parfaite avec une grande performance.

8 GB ( S) = 13,00 €

16 GB ( M) = 15,00 €

32 GB ( L ) = 20,00 €


avec la petite chaine de boule peut egalement utilsier le baton comme un porte-cles et est toujours la quand il dit.

Je ai besoin d'une cle USB


Material supply for Rescue 2015

following you will find the material that will be used for Rescue 2015


(please note that you might have to agree to "open" on your browser!)

Some of this material is also on offer after the event! Ask us for reservation now.


Mocke apparrel arrived!!!!

Mocke paddling

hot, hot, hot,

new Mocke delivery has arrived!!!

New Mocke vest!!!  new Mocke leash, new mocke bag, new mocke weed deflectors, bailers... available right now ex stock!

Place your order today!!!


Jasper Mocke wins Aegon race in the Elite Spark.

aegan race

...congratulation Jasper, we hope to have you her for Sardegnia/Italy and for Breitz/France again!


Brand new at Wetiz. Light and handy Boat slings. Now you can put up your SurfSki at every place easily and certainly.

Boat slings


+ new carbon fins: By their natural tension, these fins have a clearly higher blade straining.

carbin fins



Watch out: The next Fenn container arrives next week!

There will be Sparks, Bluefins, and Glides comming. And we will have the new Glide for Testing available! Dawid Mocke is very convinced about this new boat: "a great craft for downwind paddling". And we are also excited to see what is comming there!

Arrival: 14th August in our Warehouse!


WETiZ is official craft supplier at:



New "Killer" semi hand shaped board on production now.

We do have a new step finished in the production! We do supply a few shapes in the new semi-construction.

This boards are machine shaped but hand finished and hand laminated. This way you get a board that is equal to most of the so called "handshaped" boards on the market today with a unbeatable price. But not enough. With this way of production we have a wider range of boards available for more weight categories and paddle abbilities! On the first prototypes beeing paddled in Montpellier and on German Cup in Warnemünde we did receive a phantastic feedback!   Allready available:

(e.g. we have a 50 - 75kg Version (Semi-F), a 65 to 80kg Version (Killa 75) a 70 to 85kg Version (Hero) another 70 to 85Kg Versoin (Semi-M), and soon a "Killa 85" which will cover the 75 - 90kg range. Stay tuned and you will find more news shortly!


Finally we managed to fill the gap: the Standard boardbags have arrived and also now available in new colors:

Blue and Pink! (in addition to the red)

http://www.wetiz.eu/de/taschen/840-boardtasche-standard.html ;

new board bags "standard"


Liam Kelly rocks at German Cup

Liam on the way to victory

(Overall winner DLRG-Cup; winner of the Board event as well as the Iron Man) sponsored by Wetiz !

And not enough he did test the first raceboard shaped by Andy Wiedmann (c/o WARK) a famous windsurf shaper. What can you more expect on a test board than winning all the races in the first?

Andy has previously shaped a few board plugs for us ocasionally but so far we never supplied a raceboard.

We will have 3 more boards beeing paddled by some Team riders at Rescue 2014 - so stay tuned what they will look like!


 Junior Board test reports online!

The first two test reports of our Junior Board are online here. Thanks Noémie and Annabelle!


New Fenn Surfski and Lifesaving Camp Fuerteventura opened!!


Our friend Stephan Abels has opened the Fenn Surfski and Lifesaving Camp on Fuerteventura. When you look at the amazing photos on www.fenn-surfski-fuerteventura.de, you´ll see why this is the perfect place for escaping this Central European "winter-spring". There are 10 Fenn surfskis (3 x XT, 2 x Tarps, 1x Julz, 1x Swordfish, 2 x Elite, 1x Elite SL) and 5 Wetiz paddleboards  (Flora, Merak, Larmoon, X-Brother, Trance) available for rent plus all the relevant accessories such as Fenn carbon paddles,  life wests, leg leashs. A 50m pool  is situated at the location as well. An ideal four season training spot for both lifesavers and surfski paddlers!

girls - board - fuerte


Wetiz at WDPC Berlin


The World Drowning Prevention Conference at Berlin was a great opportunity to present our company and our products to lifesaving experts from all over the world. The talks and discussions with the participants were highly inspiring, their input unvaluable as we constantly strive to refine our products according to the requirements of those out at sea in the action. Thanks a lot!