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  • Janka Krohn - Team Wetiz

    "I am really grateful to have the opportunity to perform with the best craft in the business.

    I'm looking forward to compete on high level and show that hard work pays off.

    Thank you for the big trust in me and I hope to inspire many young athletes

    to chase their dreams with the best equipment from wetiz."

    Janka Krohn

    New Wetiz Team Member

  • Thomas Trebilcock

    "I'm so happy to be joining team Wetiz who have helped world champions on their journey and I hope to replicate that with the team soon!"

    Thomas Trebilcock - GBR

    New Team Member

  • Sammy

    Sammy Feys with his Free Board

    Carbon Pro

    The team rider board

  • Wetiz Carbon Pro Judit Verges

    My passion.

    Paddle out.

    Boards for every level

  • Prof. Rettungsausrüstung

    Prof. Lifesaving Equipment


    to save lifes

  • Wetiz Carbon Pro Team

    Judit Vergés in paradise

    Carbon Pro

    The Teamrider Board!

  • Boards Lifesaving Paddle Boards

    2022 getting tough. 


    Boards for every level

  • Wetiz Carbon Pro Team

    Judit Vergés in paradise

    Carbon Pro

    The Teamrider Board!

  • Fennix Julz – Lifesaving Surfski

    The Legend

    Fennix Julz

    Lifesaving Surfski

  • Lifesaving Surfskis

    Are you searching?

    Lifesaving Surfski

    Ask us. We support you!

  • Wetiz Rettungsschwimmen Flossen

    3... 2... 1... GO 


    For lifesaving competitions

  • Production Boards

    Developed with passion


    Everything starts with an idea

  • Wetiz Torpedo Lifesaving Fin

    Build to save hundredths of a second!


  • SWOX Surf Protection - Sun protection for the ocean

    Made for Ocean Sports

    Extreme Sun Protection

    Extra Water Resistant

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  • Wetiz - lifesaving club equipment

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    My Team!

    My Equipment!

  • Lifesaving Surfski

    Are you searching?

    Lifesaving Surfski

    Ask us. We support you!

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Latest News

  • #roadtoadelaide - Eine Story von Carla Strübing

    2018 war für unsere Team-Athletin Carla ein spannendes und sportlich erfolgreiches Jahr. Der krönende Abschluss, einer intensiven Paddel-Saison, bildete am Ende des letzten Jahres die Weltmeisterschaften in Australien (Adelaide). Wie Carla sich darauf vorbereitet hat und welche Wettkämpfe Sie als Vorbereitung besucht hat erfährst du in Ihrer Story. Genau das richtige für dich, wenn du auch schon immer mal eine Saison in Frankreich - mit Wellen, B

    14 / 01 / 2019

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  • Anleitung - Board Reparatur! So machst du dein Board wieder einsatzbereit!

    Wir möchten dir in unserem Artikel zeigen, wie du dein Board schnell und sicher wieder Einsatzfähig machst.

    08 / 08 / 2018

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  • Brand-new Board – Wetiz Carbon Pro Models!

    The Wetiz board named "Tracksta" (Construction Pro Carbon) is a very fast and good board for all the stronger and prof. paddlers out there.A brandnew and award winning board: Liam Kelly European Champ 2017. Jeremie Lahet first place Oceanman U19 / European Championships 2017.Andy (our Shaper) analized the development of the board market since many years and created a brandnew shape which is a further development a of the Wetiz Killa-Board

    02 / 02 / 2018

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  • Determine your shoe size. Step by step tutorial!

    Our step by step guide. How to determine your shoe size.

    11 / 10 / 2017

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!!! We are a PARTNER of the Lifesaving World Championships 2022 in Riccione !!!

Secure your equipment for the World Champs now!

Just fill in and send to us: https://wetiz.eu/img/cms/Rental_Form_2022_new_16-03-22_x.pdf

We are looking forward to great World Champs with you!