Fenn Elite S Double
  • Fenn Elite S Double

Fennix Elite S Double Surfski

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Maneuverability and surf ability!

Surfski Construction: Carbon Double
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Advanced Double Ski

Maneuverability and surf ability are the key features of this ski. A very comfortable seating position with the new S seat. A little wetter on the back due to the lower volume but extremely fast in the falter conditions.

The upgraded design features include:

  • A new fitted seat design, with the positions moved forward on the ski
  • Reduced hump under legs
  • The rudder has been moved forward allowing for greater control in downwind conditions
  • The footwells are slightly lower allowing for a more comfortable seating position
  • Inclusion of leg leash attachment in both seats
  • Cutaways at the paddle entry

Why would you go the Elite ‘S’ Double over the Elite Double?

Fenn Doubles have traditionally been set up for taller paddlers. The Elite ‘S’ Double will take very small paddlers because of the closer seating position and less hump under the legs. The new fitted seat has been a huge hit for paddlers of this craft. The ‘S’ Double handles like a single in the runs with unbelievable manouverability. With seats forward the ‘S’ has incredible flat water speed that leaves its rivals in its wash.


Length:  7.5 m

Width:   46.5 cm

Construction Options 

Poly Vac Double: approx. 27 kg
Carbon Double: approx. 18 kg

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