Guppie KIds Adjustable

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Guppy Kids Surfski Adjustable

When your kids don´t accept any longer to wait until they reach the foot rest of an adult´s ski, the Guppie will permit them to join the parents in the downwind runs. At 4,2m length, the Guppie is very stable and maneuverable and is ideally suited to let the kids build up confidence in their paddling skills.

The low weight of approx 12,5 kgs allows for easy handling and thanks to
the adjustable foot rest, the Guppie will grow with its paddlers for some years
to come. The adjustable range extends from ca. 80-91cm seat-to-foot-rest, which equals roughly 140 – 165cm body height. We´ve even seen adults having  a lot of fun in the runs on a Guppie!

Weight: approx. +/- 12,5 kg
Lenght: ca. 424 cm
High stability

Note: Its also possible to produce a Vacuum Carbon Version of the Guppy Ski. The weight of the Carbon Vacuum Version is approx. +/- 8,0 kg. Price on request.

colors like in stock. Ski available on request.

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Guppie KIds Adjustable

Guppie KIds Adjustable

Perfect Kids Surfski.