Big Killa Board Semi Construction

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100 kg
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These boards are pre shaped by machine. After that process, they will be done by hand shape and finally the board gets laminated,

available are:

Flora          - ca. 55 - 75kg (similar to Flora board)
Killa 70       - ca. 60 - 75kg (characteristic from Kracka)
Killa 80       - ca. 65-80kg (pretty similar to Kracka)
Merak         - ca. 70 - 85kg (similar to Merak - Dietz shape)
Hero           - ca. 70-85kg (characteristics from the Hurricane)
X-Brother   - ca. 80-95kg (similar to the X-Brother - Dietz shape)
time of delivery: between 6-9 Weeks or ex stock


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Big Killa Board Semi Construction

Big Killa Board Semi Construction

New semi consrtuction Board.