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The "Junior Board" was especially built for the newcomers in the open age class. It's a very slight and agile board with very good running characteristics. So it's often used in international U-19 competetitions.

(recommended from ca 40 - 55 kg)

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Feedback Junior Board

THIEBAUT Noémie  (Lifesaving Team Belgium)

52-54kg  1m61

Usual Board : FLORA (Wetiz)

Comfort :

The first thing I noticed was its width. It’s clearly narrower than the Flora, which makes it easier to carry. Its balance is really better too. When I take my Flora, I’m always fighting to keep its nose down while running. However, this doesn’t happen with the Junior, I was really surprised when I took it for the first time. I think this is because the Junior simply has been designed with light weight paddlers in mind. The Flora is a nice board, but for the next higher up weight class.

Another advantage of its size:  the sides of the junior board are really close to my waist, keeping me in place on the board. But, incredibly, my shoulders are not stuck and I can move easier, I’m hold by the board but free. It also allows me to go deeper into the water that may improve my speed.

Flat Water : 

I have to say that I needed a little time to find my place on the board; a little bit too much on the back or on the front and the balance of the junior board changes.  But once I find it, I never lost it, and I had a real good feeling. I think I can say this board is faster than the Flora because I can go deeper with arms. I’m convinced that it is because of my feeling, but I can’t prove it because I did not have taken any time.

It turns better: The board is more reactive, it follows your moves and it turns faster. Moreover, to turn with listing is now possible. It is still not so effective, but it works well. In contrast, it was impossible to do it with the Flora board. This was sometimes disappointing in the waves and when I wanted to go a little bit left or right.

Waves :

I tested it in Warnemünde (GERMANY): waves  1m50 at least. I have good feeling in the waves with this board.

I first thought that going out would be problematic, that the nose of the board would be under water. But not at all, this little board climbs the waves, and goes through the foam  without problems.

I was also surprised with the stability; I have not had any problems on the sea. But I have to say that I’ve never had real problem with stability. Maybe other person would have problem.

The board surf really easy ; it’s easier to balance the board weight, to place ourselves on the board, because it’s smaller. It makes the game funnier: change direction on a wave become possible, and the board is more reactive to everything. We must pay attention to keep the wave, but we must provide less effort. 



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Junior Board

Junior Board

Especially built for the newcomers.