TS-Classic III Lifesaving

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Please check our FAQ section for all questions to our lifesaving fins.

TS III: Here the blades can be compared with a hinted V. Only the last approx. 15 cm are straight.

Since october 2012, we can only deliver our fins with the new shoepart.


S... 36... 3-1/2
M37 to 394 to 6
L40 to 426-1/2 to 8
XL43 to 458-1/2 to 9-1/2




Some regular asked questions regarding our fins:


to use socs would be recommended specially if you do have small feet.
The CC fins do already have a bit of a wetsuit support on top of the foot...
which covers the feet from getting blisters!

On the AS fins it would be good to use socs or at least a bit of a plastic
bag to cover the feet from getting blisters.

For a tight fit it might be good on both models to use socs!

TS or WW (WaterWay) what is the difference?:

the main difference is actually the foot part!

TS: very hard and molded shoe part but also hard for smaller or larger feet!
Very asked Model. they do have a soft inlay to save the foot from blisters and to fit the foot even tighter!

TS classic new still has the shaped blade where the TS II and TS III do have a laminated blade.

TS bent… supports the kick specially on freestyle swimming through the 20 degree angle!

TS professional … in my opinion the very best economical fin with a 20 degree in the shoepart. This is the ultimate fin at the moment but also it needs a lot of preparation and training to adjust the style to this fin!

WW: hard shoe, the power of the kick does go straight into the blade.
But if someone has a high foot or a wide foot he won't be able to handle this fins very well!

This fins is still a very demanded fin from the top German Athletes due to the relatively hard but forgiving rubber of the foot pocket it gives a very good fit for the standard foot!

A harder shoepart usually is better as the power doesn’t get wasted through the rubber!

Allowed Measures:

We can nearly do everything you want! Monofins, speerfishing fins, bodysurfing

But the rules for Lifesaving says: maximum 30 x 65 cm

Width: on AS are all width possible!
on CC it is 23 cm / 25 cm / and 27 cm  (on special demand we can arrange
other sizes)

Delivery times

On all TS types  it is about 4-5 weeks. But there is no guarantee for that.

WW usually works out to be 6-8 Weeks.

As sometimes there is less demand (then 4 weeks) and sometimes I do have several pairs on stock, then max 1 week. In main competition seasons it might even take up to 10 weeks. (Or if there are holydays in the factory)

The size and measures of the fins:

To get a general rule on the size it is difficult. (Same as when buying shoes) .
As there are all kind of feet: high foot, wide foot, flat foot, small foot...
but generally you should not (!!!!) fit into a foot part without any problems.

For a good fit of the fins they have to be a bit tight! From this side the rough guide on the homepage is valid. You just have to adjust it a bit for the different shape of your foot! If the fin is to large you loose energy through the deformation of the rubber!

(To get into the shoepart you might use a bit of soap (two drops will do!!! - or Vaseline!)

Some more to the fins:

Hard fins would only be used for distances up to 50 m. And on a competition of 100 m - specially when Dummies are used - there would be to much acid in the muscles at the end. If someone is a strong person (using the pushbike a lot or is just physically built stronger) - might try a hard but for the standard swimmer it is no good suggestion.


Commonly girls are more happy with a width of around 23 cm and soft...
But a general rule isn’t there.
... you should have a look on there technique and how they swim kick.
Also you got to check their built: if they are stronger (muscular). From this information you can tell them rather to use a soft or a medium blade.


Due to the built of the hips and the strength of the legs boys tend more to a bit wider fins, even the strength of the blades is more in the medium (at least for 100m distances) than to the soft one.
Only sometimes soft for the 200 Superlifesaver or the open water rescue with fins.

It is more hard when for the 50 m distances or if the athlete has strong thighs and is doing a big frequency on kicking.


Rubber on rubber: Vulcaniser glue - same as the repair glue for bicycle tubes, Rubber on GFK: Quick glue (e.G. Loctide 406 (cat no 40620)- getting in a homebuilding shop or delo-CA 2229 from professional hardware stores) (sth. with Cyanoacrylate would be good).

For little split in the rubber: sanding it a bit then the glue (waiting 10 minutes) and then the patch from the bicycle repair set on it!

For splits in the blade: you got to drill a hole at the end of the split and then put a sticker over the split. It has only very rarely worked to have the cracks in the blade repaired with fibreglass!

I only give little discount from about 10 Pairs on.
I always tried to sell the fins for a low price - as a lot of young people are doing this sport and they would not be able to afford to much for the fins!
So I cannot give much of a discount as my margin is not very big!

So I hope that most of the questions will be answered. For further information do not hesitate to contact me at any time on: Contact or by phone: +49(171) 62 71 777


With my best regards

Thomas Zachert


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TS-Classic III Lifesaving

TS-Classic III Lifesaving

Custom-made fins!